Exclusive Portfolio
Exclusive profile design for artists and art institution to suit your needs and preferences.
Power Of Social Media
An extensive and consistent reach of 60 million people per week: more potential clients.
Lead Generation
Lead generation and automated booking system. Makes your job stress free.
Provide Instant Quote
For each consumer ,you can provide automated location based quote. Better chances of a green lighted deal.
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Complete your profile and add pricing plans.
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Kalakaars.com is a market where artists and consumers collaborate mutually. An individual artist or an art institution can create their own personalised profile to showcase their services. We present your profile to millions of people who are interested in your services. You can get leads and deals in minutes. This is an easy way to show people your existence and thus grow professionally.
An individual artist or an art related institution can join kalakaars.com
We at kalakaars offer you an exclusive profile which helps you to showcase your skills in front of millions of people. Today, marketing and branding is necessary to grow professionally. We use state of the art automated technology like online booking, sms notification, instant quote generation, etc. that will make your professional tasks much more easier and stress free. Also, we provide an all in one solution for marketing, branding, lead generation, automated quote generation, automated booking for your customers exclusively.
In short Kalakaars will be your digital manager, enabling you to grow and sustain well in the art curated field.
Irrespective of the kind of art institution that you run, we at Kalakaars have various ways in which we can be of help to you. We are a complete cloud platform package, representing your institution in the right way. We help you with marketing your brand and generating leads that help you convert potential customers to those that come back to you for more. We can help you with online registrations that help save time and energy for both you and your client. Student management is easy like never before. You can access attendance and statistics with just a click and no more heaps of paperwork. We also help you manage regular SMS notifications that suit your needs.
You can register as a kalakaars partner for free. Once registered, you can build your profile by adding relevant photos, videos and description to introduce yourself or your organisation. This will categorize you in the kalakaars basic plan, that provides essential features like profile listing, seo promotion, categorization, etc. To enjoy all the benefits like personalized lead generation, social media promotion, automated location based quote generation, payment gateway services, etc., you can sign up with one of our plans based on your specialized requirements. To know more about plans and pricing visit https://business.kalakaars.com/pricing.